Athlon 64 Processor

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For a long time Intel has been leading the market in processor sales and popularity but AMD is finally putting a stop to that. With the release of their Athlon 64 processor, with 64 bit computing capabilities, they have been slowly but surely regaining the market back from Intel.

The Athlon 64 processors have been around for a while now and they have proven themselves the market leaders in processing power. As we know AMD processor run at a lot slower speeds than Intel processors making them cooler to run. This has eliminated the need for expensive cooling equipment and opened the doorway for overclocking.

Although AMD hit the target by releasing their 64 bit processor long before Intel did, they are not standing still. They have been constantly upgrading their line up to increase speed and efficiency.This is apparent with their fx series processors and their dual core processors.

The fx series processor are the king of the hill at AMD. They are the most powerful processor that is available. They show blistering speeds for CPU intensive functions such video encoding and gaming. They also show great performance in database driven work and most other aspects of computing.

The dual-core line of processor are the ultimate in multi-tasking. They provide the power of two processor running in unison while still being able to fit in a single processor motherboard. Although these processors are essentially two processors in one, they are rather pricy and may not be everyones cup of tea.

Intel is trying to fight back by forming an alliance with Apple. All macs are now available with Intel processors. Whether this will be profitable for Intel only time will tell.

With competition growing stronger from AMD this can only mean increased benefits for the consumer. As the war between Intel and AMD intensifies, the consumer will benefit from lowered prices, and increased quality in their processors.

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Tips To Shopping For computer printers

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Consider the printer’s DPI (dots per inch) capability, which is the resolution at which it can print photos and documents. The higher DPI (dots per inch) you have, the better quality you will have in either text or photo printouts.

-Consider the cost of ink. When purchasing a new printer, take a moment to compare prices among ink cartridges and make sure that you can afford frequent ink purchases if you plan to do a lot of printing.

-Take a look at the connector and make sure it’s compatible with your system. Most new printers connect via a USB port. Older ones connect using a parallel port, which is not commonly found on new PCs.

-When looking at the cost of ink, also look at the number of pages a single ink cartridge can print. If the page count is high, the cost of the ink may be reasonable. If the page count is low compared to other similar ink cartridges, you may want to select another printer that offers a better performing ink cartridge.

-Check out the warranty. All new electronics, including printers, carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the company, warranties can be valid anywhere from 90 days to 1 year and may include defects in material and/or workmanship. If your printer fails to perform correctly and develops a problem while under warranty, you will be glad that you saved the paperwork. Always keep the original purchase receipt and warranty information relating to your purchase.

-Buy from a name that you trust. When shopping for any item, it is best to purchase from a manufacturer that you know produces a quality product and especially when it comes to a substantial electronics purchase.

-Consider the size and weight of the printer.

This is important for both cleaning general convenience. If your desk is small, you may not want a bulky printer taking up most of your space. At the same time, you may not want to lift on a heavy piece of equipment when cleaning your work station. A lightweight and compact style may be better, especially if your office is at home.

-Make sure that your computer is capable of running the printer software, which means it may require a specific processor type and speed, available memory, etc.

-Make sure that the printer you purchase has all of the features and capabilities that you need. For instance, if your primary goal is to produce realistic photos and you also plan to print written documents from time to time, consider the purchase of a photo printer. You can change the quality of printing to suit either images or documents or even a combination of both if you plan to print photo newsletters.

-Make sure that the printer has all of the necessary connector cables and that you will not need to buy any additional hardware prior to finalizing your purchase. If you need to purchase a USB cable, which is often the case with many new printers, you will want to purchase it at the same time to save on shipping if ordering online or having to make a special trip if you purchase locally.

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Heuristic analysis

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Now, lets talk about heuristic analysis. Essentially, the heuristic method analyzes the object's activities in the computer system. If those actions are typical of malicious/high risk objects, the object is likely to be classed as malicious or suspicious file's. This allows new threats to be detected even before they have been researched by virus analysts. By default, heuristic analysis is oto enabled.
Some unti virus will notify you when a suspicious file is detected in a message/pop up. You should react to the notification by further processing the message.
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Web protection Feature

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Every time you use the Internet, you subject information stored on your computer to the risk of infection by risky software. These can infiltrate your computer while you are downloading free software, or browsing knowingly safe sites, which have recently suffered network attacks. Moreover, network worms and treat can penetrate your computer before you open a website or begin download unknown file just because your computer is connected to the Internet
If you work in a unsecure zone, you are recommended to use Web Anti-Virus while working in the Internet. Web protection monitors HTTP traffic that passes only through the ports included in the monitored port listIf your computer is running on a network protected by a firewall of HTTP traffic filters, Web Anti-Virus provides additional security when using the Internet.
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Criteria For Choosing laptop memory

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Every now so often, laptop users have the need to upgrade their laptop memory, it is better to opt for the higher memory capacity because you'll be saving yourself the difficulty of upgrades, not to say the costs, later on. Make Sure You Have All the Memory Capacity You Will Need Because the higher the capacity and the speedier the rate of the hard disk, the better.
In conclusion, just use some common sense before you buy your
laptop memory. Use the Internet to check out and comparison shop for
the best (and cheap)laptop memory. and you will ultimately find your perfect laptop.
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