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When we surf the internet, Pictures, Flash, animation and text get cached/stored on our hard disk. Slow but sure,This condition will slow down our computer AND this is not safe for us, because some Companies use cookies to track your actions/actifity on the web. So how we can removing all unnecessary files and thus makes more hard disk available for use?
Follow this step:

You can do this with 2 way. Manual and automatic(use a software registry cleaner)
But not every user can install this (under a limited account/Guest status etc) So lets do it manually.
1. Click start
2. Open up internet explorer Go to explorer bar and then search
3. Now that your in search click all files and documents
at the bottom it says more advanced options click on that
Then check the line that says Search hidden folders and files
4.Type history, And continue to search.
5.Focus at C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Local Settings
Open this folder.
6. The rest is pretty simple you just need to open up the four different folders you will find there
* Open "Apps Folder" delete everything
* Open "Temp Folder" delete everything
* Open "History Folder" delete All
* Open "Temporary Internet Files Folder" empty it

7.Done, if not enough, you can Clear all CACHE and cookies on browser setting.

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Michael Says :
30 Juni 2009 17.10

Opera users can delete computer history by clicking the "File" menu at first and then choosing "Preferences" and "History" one after the other. Next, the button marked "Empty now" should be chosen. In addition to this, Opera users can also check "Empty on exit" if they wish that their browsing history should get erased every time they leave their browser.

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