Using A Live CD

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With All the fuss about linux OS these day, The huge library of open source software, the freedom from spyware and virus- its only natural to be curious about it. You can set up a dual boot configuration with linux instead of window XP. A little web searching for Vista Linux dual boot will produce plenty of how to guide to get started (if you are really ambitious, seek for vista triple boot for instruction on installing vista, linux and window XP at the same system).
But because the operating system are so different, dual booting them can be (very) challenging, A single mistake could wipe out all your PC master boot record (and trust me, its a bad thing!) OR you whole Hard drive!. so you should Back up everything essential before embarking on a windows/linux dual boot adventure.

There's an easier and safer way to take linux for a spin and its requires no system tinkering whatsover. its called LIVE CD- Essentially linux on a bootable disc. when you boot your PC with a live CD in the drive, its load the OS. into memory (RAM / Swap). when you finish, you just shut down the system and remove the disc from dock. Next boot you will find your self in vista.
So ready to get started? you only need to download a linux image file. a popular choice is ubuntu and backtrack(backtrack for security). you can google it with "linux iso download" to find other linux distro. After download the image, then you need to burn it. you can use nero or a freeware like imgburn.

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