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Many cell phone can pull double agent as a modem for connecting PC or laptop to the internet, With the right cell phone and online data service, the Internet is just a call away. All you need is a phone with modem enabled, a wifi data access plan that support using the one as a modem and some software that you need.

Verizon, Sprint and AT&T data plans designed for people who want to use their cell phone as a modem. Most of this cellphone using a bluetooth,data cable or USB cable to make a connection(to the PC). dont worry, if you dont have one you can get one. its not expensive anymore.

AT&T offers phone-as-modem packages ranging from $60 to $80 a month
some of the Verizon handsets that can be used as a wireless modem:

* Motorola Razr v3m
* Samsung Flipshot
* Samsung Gleam
* LG Voyager
* LG enV
* LG enV2
* LG Decoy
* LG Dare

To use AT&T service, you need to download a softwware first. go to official site. install the app on your phone and connect it to your PC via USB.

Sprint offers an Unlimited Phone as Modem plan that costs Avg $40 -$50 a month.

Some of the Sprint handsets that can be used as a wireless modem:

* BlackBerry 7130e
* BlackBerry 8703
* Motorola Q
* Palm Treo 700wx

Note: Any call you receive while using your cell phone as a modem will go straight to voice mail. and if you place a call your modem connection will end automatically.

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